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We are looking to hire Digital Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketing to help our company with online/digital sales. In this position, the candidate will be involved in developing digital marketing strategies, implementing digital marketing & sales plans, and creative planning and execution of all the digital marketing campaigns, developing online Sales. Candidate must have a passport.

Job Responsibilities

  • Have a good knowledge of Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Creative, good planning, and executing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Expertise in Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ad-Sense, Managing Digital Marketing Campaigns, and YouTube Marketing.
  • Creates necessary marketing databases, email, and social media advertising and conducts advertising campaigns.
  • Execute all digital marketing, including Facebook posting, post boosting, and responding.
  • Plan and execute all the digital marketing campaigns as per company needs.
  • Launch Optimised Digital Campaigns through Google Ad words, social media, Blogs, Websites & emails to increase company and brand awareness.
  • Must have good Knowledge of handling E-commerce website marketing and updating the company website.
  • Coordinate closely with relevant teams (i.e., sales, product, and technical) to plan and execute effective campaigns.
  • Develop relevant content, publish in digital channels, and regularly maintain the channels (i.e., social media, web, email, etc.) to reach the company's target customers.
  • Conduction of routine tasks assigned by the management and providing feedback to the management as per company requirements

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