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Email & Text Marketing

Writing a sales letter and hitting Send are only part of email marketing. Researching your target market and writing persuasive copy that will increase sales takes time. Our obsession at Lignite Media is creating and distributing high-ROI emails that outperform your most effective marketing platforms. SMS marketing is distinctive due to its adaptability. For example, you can use it to express gratitude to your consumers after a sale and to get them excited about a new store that recently opened nearby.

  • Responsive Designs

    Responsive Designs

  • Accurate Campaigns

    Accurate Campaigns

  • Campaigns for Your Goals

    Campaigns for Your Goals

  • Dedicated ROI Focus

    Dedicated ROI Focus


Why Need Email Marketing For Business

people check their email a lot

People Check Their Email A Lot

You may reach your audience where they are already looking by implementing an email marketing campaign: in their inboxes.

encourage subscribers

Encourage Subscribers To Visit Your Store

You may encourage visitors to visit your storefront and purchase by sending them segmented email blasts.

email marketing drives conversions

Email Marketing Drives Conversions

More conversions are generated by email marketing than by any other channel. Therefore, email marketing is a great way to boost your sales.

You Get A High CTR

You Get A High CTR

One of the goals of any digital marketing strategy is to increase clicks to your website, whether with a Facebook post or a button on your website.

Appeal To Your Subscribers

Appeal To Your Subscribers

Another excellent way to let your subscribers know they are valued is through email. Again, target personalization boosts customer engagement.

How To Get Started With Text Marketing

schedule a consultation

1. Schedule A Consultation

To set up a strategy call with our text marketing professionals, contact us at (321) 300-2444 or via our contact form. Your campaign needs and expectations are thoroughly discussed during our initial meeting.

Send Personalized SMS Marketing - Lignite Media

2. Send Personalized SMS Marketing Messages

Our text marketing team develops a custom SMS marketing strategy for your brand. Once accepted, we build up the initial campaign and launch your mobile text marketing campaign.

generate profitable results Lignite Media

3. Generate Profitable Results

Focus on your main business while our SMS marketing team manages your campaign. You can be confident that your customers will receive the appropriate message immediately.

Email and Text Marketing FAQ Shape
Email and Text Marketing FAQ Shape

Frequently Asked Questions About Email & Text Marketing

When it comes to engaging your audience with personalised information that is sent at the right time, email marketing is essential. In addition, email, which accounts for about 23% of internet purchases, is one of the most successful marketing channels.

Working with an email marketing company like Lignite Media will not only help you save time and money for your business, but it will also provide you access to a full-service digital marketing company that understands how to use email to enhance your other marketing strategies.

An email marketing company like Lignite Media is in a good position to create and carry out a wide range of email campaigns, including welcome sequences, special deals, informational newsletters, and much more. Chat with a team member to learn more about our email marketing services.

The greatest email marketing platform truly depends on your individual goals and objectives, like most things in marketing. A few platforms offer more comprehensive split testing features, stronger CRM integration, and more design flexibility than others. Our team can assist you in choosing the email platform that would be appropriate for your company.

Text message marketing is a fantastic method to establish a personal connection with your audience and deliver tailored messaging. Additionally, texting is quicker than other forms of communication, enabling you to solve problems and interact with clients immediately.

Because most people check their text messages much more frequently than their emails, text message marketing can be a successful way to engage with your customers. Additionally, it saves you money because you may reach many clients for a relatively small monthly or annual subscription.

You must often import the list of contacts you want to mail, though the specific process varies depending on the service provider. The next step would be to create a bulk text message to this contact list and schedule it for delivery at the right time.

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