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Data really powers everything that we do

As an energetic marketing agency, we know that data really is the foundation of good digital campaigns. We take your data rather seriously, from setting up Analytics, ensuring cross-domain tracking and conversion data (including E-commerce) is all working effectively, through to analyzing what that data tells us, when and where we can set effective strategies and implement them effectively for your business in the long run. 

Data Analysis

Having accurate data reporting is only one part of the story, but that data can only be as good as the Analysis. We can identify how hard our media channels are working for you – how much traffic they are bringing in and how well that traffic is converting. From this, we can help shape your media strategy and make a recommendation that can be implemented where required on specific pages, to ensure that you are achieving the most from your results – and hopefully that you can get return you aimed for.

 Cross Tracking

One of the most common issues that we see is when a client has multiple displays which link to each other but don’t drive results. So, rather than reporting on the original channel that brought the user, the data is just reporting on the last display the user has come from. Our usual best practice is to have all displays tracking within one Analytics account with full cross-domain tracking implemented. We believe that we get cleaner data for you that way.


E-commerce tracking not only reports on conversions but the actual value of a transaction itself. This is an absolutely vital statistic to understanding the sales. What’s more, this data reports nicely into planning strategy and other campaigns and is extremely useful in targeting the desired audience enabling us to ensure that we are paying the optimum amount for your brand’s effective marketing, based on the return on that investment.


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