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Aesthetically pushing the audiences further down the marketing funnel!

Display advertising is used as a broadcast medium to increase awareness and to reach tightly targeted groups. We find it can be most effective when used to target social media users, pushing them further down the marketing funnel towards making a purchase, a donation or taking another action.

Here at Lignite marketing we are results driven and make certain that all display activity is designed to achieve our clients’ desired results, be they awareness, lead generation, event sign ups, purchases. We are extra careful to exclude restricted and undesirable categories and specific placements (for example, fake news sites) on your website. Our strategically designed paid media campaigns are recognized as being exceptional and we are at the forefront of digital marketing in the use of data and technology to drive enactment. We are proficient in designing and running international campaigns to support international launch or growth.


Our approach across social media channels is always aligned with your owned media strategy and we always work closely with above the line designers to tailor everything as per your desire and brand image, providing support and insight. We provide consultative advice to our clients who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their online marketing activity.


 Display sure looks catchy but as a matter of fact, it typically faces a variety of challenges which can be summed up in the following question: ‘we believe that there is more opportunity but how do we achieve them?’ Our online marketing experts are capable to fish out that missing piece of domino, to complete that masterpiece that can bring excellence to you. As a professional in online marketing, we understand the nuances and complexities of your online activities. So we definitely, know how to help you generate the highest possible return on every penny spent.


To keep our clients ahead of their competitors by investing tough grind in developing marketing strategies using technologies that provide a significant advantage over others. At the heart of our marketing team, assiduous marketing intelligence is determined to create displays that have ability to transforming how clients invest their marketing budgets online. Because we spend our clients’ money as though it were our own by keeping your budget in mind. We consider all digital marketing channels available to you, ensuring that marketing specialists work. Through the latest, marketing technology, to be ahead in every aspect of your online marketing activities.


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